The Affordable Mini Autoguider Package from Orion Telescopes

Orion Mini Autoguider Package

Orion Mini Autoguider Package

The latest autoguider package from Orion is making a lot of noise in the backyard astronomer communities. Orion’s new kit is just right. It features a very capable system designed for precise astrophotographic guiding. The mini autoguider package is not only precise, but lightweight and competitively priced.

Astrophotography and Autoguider Solutions

If you want to take astonishing photographs of nebulas, planets, star clusters and other celestial wonders, you’ll need a few things including a telescope and telescope mount suited for astrophptography as well as an autoguiding solution. The autoguider acts as a secondary telescope that has one goal only: Keep the primary telescope, the one talking the picture, on target. In other words, you have two telescopes looking at the same thing. One is taking a long exposure image while the other is sending commands to the telescope mount motor to make sure it remains precisely fixed on its target. The equipement for this process used to be bulky and very expensive, sometimes more expensive the the primary telescope itself! Those days are over and the mini autoguider solution is very light, at only 1.3 lbs, and very capable. The popular StarShoot AutoGuider camera features a 1.2″ format 1.3MP CMOS sensor with 5.2 x 5.2 micron sized pixels for accurate guiding performance. Sure, it’s not the best autoguider in the world, but it is quite efficient for the price. It’s an option that most beginners astrophotographers will want to consider because in our opinion, this product is absolutely ideal to start out. Of course, getting astrophotography equipment is only half the battle. You need to understand what to do with it. You also need to know how to process and stack multiple images into a single “out of this world” image, no pun intended! To accomplish this, we’re giving away a free eBook called “An Introduction to Astrophotography” so get your free copy now!

Included in the Mini Autoguider Package

  • Complete, compact, and easy-to-operate autoguiding system designed for precise astrophotographic guiding with instruments up to 1500mm focal length
  • Included Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser allows you to focus guide stars precisely for optimal results
  • This complete autoguiding solution includes the popular and easy to use Orion StarShoot AutoGuider – capable of subpixel guiding accuracy!
  • Adjustable-aim dovetail guide scope bracket installs on virtually any astrophotography telescope quickly and easily
  • Very small and compact autoguiding system adds hardly any weight to an astrophotography setup and can conveniently be stashed in an accessory case between uses

You save money by going with the autoguider package vs purchasing the components separately.


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This autoguider solution is suitable for most common astrophotography telescopes as it is meant to be used with telescopes of up to 1500mm focal length.