What Telescope Mount Do I Buy?



One of the most essential elements of using and enjoying your orion telescope is having the right mount. Both legs of a telescope and the part that points and holds the telescope are known as the mount. Not only are mounts simple mechanical devices, but now with today’s technology they have become what some people refer to as intelligent. Computer guidance systems can be found in some mounts that are accompanied with a built in astronomical database. Since there are so many different ways to use and mount a telescope it is very important to take all things into consideration when choosing and/or purchasing a telescope mount.

Almost any mount that will hold up a telescope will perform sufficiently if a person’s only aim is to look at planets and stars. Along with holding up a telescope it is recommended that the mount also enables easy aiming, provides comfortable use and steady viewing.


One type of telescope that is well known to enable easy viewing is the Dobsonian telescope. A Dobsonian telescope is a perfect example of the altazimuth mount. An altazimuth mount has a specific design that holds the OTA of a telescope and enables a user to easily guide the telescope by using two different motions. Altitude is referred to as the up and down motions, and azimuth is referred to as the back and forth and round motions. These types of mounts are very simple and easy to use.


An equatorial mount is used because it enables easy tracking of stars since stars and planets move; this is because the earth spins. They are able to provide easy track matching of stars and planets because they are aligned along an axis which is parallel to the earth’s spin. Some people find these types of mounts are more difficult to use because they require more skill and conceptualization than an altazimuth mount; however these mounts can still be used to perform casual viewing. The proper technique used to set up an equatorial mount is known as polar alignment.


There are several different factors that determine what type of mount should be used. Deciding whether or not a person wants to aim the telescope their self or have a computer aim it for them is the first consideration that must be decided. Also gaining knowledge of star hopping can bring much satisfaction to people wanting to star gaze.

If a person is a beginner at using a telescope it is advised that they learn the sky by using binoculars and attend different night sky observation events. If a person follows these pieces of advice then deciding whether or not to buy a telescope that aims for them becomes easier.

The way a person has to position their body when star gazing is determined by the telescope mount. Many people who spend hours of time star gazing know how important it is to purchase a telescope and mount that makes this hobby comfortable.

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